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Before the founding in 1982 of the Young Writers Workshop at the University of Virginia, residential programs for young creative writers didn’t exist.

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13 Chilling but True YWW at Sweet Briar (non)Ghost Stories

Author’s Note: Sweet Briar College is reportedly one of the most haunted campuses in America. When YWW relocated its summer program there in 2012, I arrived with strong hopes of experiencing and documenting my own supernatural interactions. I tried… and in the following summers, continued to try… as the document that follows will testify. Incidents described here occurred over the past 3 summers.

Gallery Walk!

Check out these samples from this summer’s Graphic Text labs! Thanks to artist Lydia Conklin and all the students who participated!


YWW changes lives.  It changed mine.  I was a student in the early days of the program, there with my best friend and my two sharpened pencils, eager to “learn to write”—something I thought would transpire easily in two weeks.  And yes, I did learn a lot about writing, but even more about the writing life, the path I’d follow from then on.  And as a teacher I’ve seen it do the same for so many other kids who show up filled with hope and doubt and wondrous talents—so many talents!—that they are only beginning to unlock. “I can be myself here,” they say, “in a way I never knew before.” Just wait, I tell them.  You’ll see.  This is only the beginning.

Jennifer Haupt (Jennifer Buxton)

YWW Alumna