Before the founding in 1982 of the Young Writers Workshop at the University of Virginia, residential programs for young creative writers didn’t exist.

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Talking Heads: The A-Team's Advice on Balancing (Or Not) The Artistic Life

Nope, not that A-Team. Here the YWW Administrative Team shares some collective wisdom about how to balance an artistic life while still getting the laundry done, the bills paid, and the dishes washed or at least off the floor.

In a World Without Cats...

  1. Look at some of these examples of social issue ads from around the world. Pick a few favorites, ones that grab your attention or really make you think. Then…


I had the pleasure of visiting YWW twice to give readings and craft lectures, and both times I was impressed by the energy and intelligence of the students.  You can tell a lot about the quality of a group by the kind of audience they comprise, and I remember sitting at the back of the auditorium as a visiting poet gave her reading and watching the students respond to all the nuances in the work, whether by laughing or sighing or nodding at all the right places, and I thought, "Wow, they’re good."

John McNally

Visiting Writer