• The 2018 Student Application link will be posted here in the third week of January

  • 2018 Dates: Session 1, June 24 - July 6; Session 2, July 8-27

Ways to Help

Our greatest asset is our community of alumni.

We believe that no young writer should be without access to the mentors and peers who, in the spirit of our program, celebrate their accomplishments, encourage creative risk-taking, and point the way to new possibilities. That’s why we work hard to provide financial assistance for young people whose circumstances limit their access to the Young Writers experience. Your tax-deductible donation will make that happen!

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More Ways to Help!

Every summer we are reminded of this fundamental fact, as incoming young writers tell us how they found us. Over and over again… it was someone who, themselves, had attended the program and said, “You’ve got to go to the Young Writers Workshop!”

This leads us to ask: What can you do to stay involved and ensure that the opportunity for “the YWW experience” will exist for tomorrow’s generation of writers? Here are some ways to step up:

Help Us Find 35 Years of YWW Alumni! In its thirties now, the program is growing nostalgic. We want to know where our thousands of amazing alums are now—especially our alums from the 80s and 90s, whose email addresses were a mere gleam in future-Google’s eye.

YOU can help us! You have the technology! It takes only seconds to fill out this form. And, if you have a few more seconds, send this link to your alumni friends who haven’t yet joined our alumni group or liked us on Facebook.

Tell the YWW story – every chance you get! Send people to our website where they can find out more.

Tell us your individual YWW story! Have publications, press, or performances to share? Complete this questionnaire so that we can include you in future alumni profiles and help promote your work.

Volunteer to be an “Alumni Host.” Organize gatherings and mini-reunions for alumni in your area. (This can be as simple as an informal gathering at a coffee shop or as grand as a reading in a public venue.) Let us know when & where your event is happening and we’ll publicize it on the website “Announcements”.

Volunteer to be an “Alumni Rep.” This means finding everyone who attended your year/session. We’ll supply the names from our records. (Going on this “hunt” will take time and persistence; be sure you have the terms for tackling it!)

Collaborate with us to build the program’s future. Network with others, both inside and outside the YWW community, who share the program’s values and will invest in them. Make “the ask”: How do you see yourself contributing to this program’s future? Contact us with actionable responses that we can partner with you to develop.

Have other ideas or simply wish to contact us? You can reach us at writers@virginia.edu.

Celebrating 35 Years of Writing!

Our 35th Anniversary Reunion Conference was a wonderful celebration of four decades of Young Writers and all that the program has been and will be. Help us make 2017 just as special! Do any one or all of the above—now—and, if you have additional ideas, let us know as we work toward these more immediate goals:

  • Scholarship funds for under-funded student populations

  • Outreach programs (to schools and teachers of creative writing)

  • An enhanced online presence

  • A permanent institutional home/partnership for the program