• 2018 Dates: Session 1, June 24 - July 6; Session 2, July 8-27

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This TRY THIS is heavily influenced by my deep unmoving cosmic glittering love for the one and only Stevie Nicks. May we all one day possess her impeccable style of dress, her heart-wrenching lyrics and her truly levitating performance essence.

Do you ever sit down to write knowing full well how baller you are at it, but then think to yourself “Ugh, but WHAT do I write about?” Yes? No? Well for those of you that have had this experience or for those of you looking to generate more material:


  1. Dedicate this week to journaling every day. It could be in the morning before school or in the evening when you are getting ready for bed. Whatever time it is, honor that time and journal at least two full pages.

  2. When you are journaling only write on the left page, leave the right page blank. So in a way it will be four pages each day but really only two actual pages of journaling.

  3. I keep using the word journaling rather than writing because we are not trying to “Write” when we are journaling. The only goal is to get on to the page whatever is freely flowing through your mind without any judgment, AKA NO DISCLAIMERS. Write down whatever comes to you – things that happened to you that day, your thoughts, your dreams, your desires just don’t try to make it prose or poetry or a script or a song just go with your stream of consciousness.

  4. Now at the end of this week put on your most poetic hat or scarf or cape. Put on some ambient-ish music – I recommend My Bloody Valentine’s Loveless and light some candles.

  5. Go back through and on those blank right pages pick a few phrases or lines from the left page and write between the lines. Now this can be writing. You can try to make a poem or a song. You can pick one line from your journal on the left and then freewrite below it on the right whatever feels right.

In the words of our Sweet American Goddess,

“You paint the picture and it will happen. I believe that if you close your eyes and see yourself up on that stage, being bigger than life, you become that person with that big, really good attitude. You’re gonna be that rock ‘n’ roll woman (or dude) that’s gonna make people happy and take them out of their miserable lives for two hours … and they’re going to want your music…”