• 2018 Dates: Session 1, June 24 - July 6; Session 2, July 8-27

  • Look here for the 2018 Student Application after January 1.

Mindful Meandering

Try this: Go on a walk without any technology on you. Leave your phone at home, your iPod, your fancy watch that tracks your steps, whatever device you own other than your brain and your house keys. This walk could be in your neighborhood, to a place you’re super familiar with (or not), wherever. Be safe, of course. As you’re walking, try to BE and NOTICE: what do you hear? What do you smell? See? How cold or warm is it? What are you thinking about? Every detail is valuable.

When you get home, compose something that communicates your experience of being on that walk or, at least, your best representation of it. Could this take the shape of a digital essay? A graphic text? A poem, a song, a script? Something we’ve never even heard of or dreamed before? A combination of all of these? It’s up to you!