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Introducing William Huberdeau, Songwriting Faculty

When do you feel compelled to make a note in the margins of a text?

I remember not knowing how to mark a text as late as my early undergraduate years at William and Mary. Big loss - I didn’t do as well as I’d have liked. All I really knew to write down were free associations. Something in E.M. Forster’s Maurice about Jack jumping over a candle stick; a few puns here and there in M. Butterfly, maybe a haiku or two in some Graham Greene. These all would have been much more helpful if I understood why I was marking my texts - to go back and study! But if for no other reason, mark your texts because someday you might have students marking your own works, so if you don’t mark the greats, who’s to imagine anyone will mark yours? Be the change; read what matters; write what matters.

Will Huberdeau is a high school English teacher, musician, poet, and writer from Norfolk, Virginia. He’ll be right off the school year at the commencement of YWW2017 and a few weeks done with a drama seminar he teaches at Norfolk City Jail. Current projects in the works include a documentary on the true meaning of friendship, a new musical outfit called Pretty Please with Sugar Auntaup and P.B. Ina Middle, and an illustrated collection of foldable zines full of flash fiction and poetry. Also trying his hand at revising some of his earlier writing as well. Very excited to be a part of his first YWW summer!