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Ross Bollinger


Ross Bollinger attended the Workshop in songwriting from 2002-2004. He is the creator of the webseries ‘Pencilmation.’

Where are you living and what brought you there?

Atlanta, Georgia. I moved here to make cartoons.

Where are you working and what do you enjoy about it?

I am spending all of my time burning through my savings and working on my personal animated projects, trying to get them to catch on.

What do you find yourself most often reading/listening to lately and why?

I’m reading a series of essays by Hayao Miyazaki and have mostly been listening to the Yes album “90125” and Duke Ellington.

What are you working on right now and what does it represent in the larger body of your artistic accomplishments?

For the time being, I am taking a break with music to concentrate all my energy on making animation and that is precisely what I am working on right now, pretty much all day every day.

What are your publications, performances, albums, and/or achievements that seem most important to you at this point in time?

I’m animating a weekly show for the web where people (mostly little kids) call my character, Hank Hanky, and ask for advice on this or that. Hank then responds with a generally absurd answer to their problem. I’ve been concentrating on developing him as a character, mostly through this show and by impersonating him on Facebook.

How would you characterize the influence of your YWW experience in your life?

One of the best times in my life! Since then I have been trying to find a way back to the feelings that I had. The real world is a lot different, but I do think I am getting closer every day to the YWW state of mind.

What’s the best advice you can give a Young Writer (in general or in your specific genre)?

If you really love it, devote your life to it. Put all your eggs in one basket! Who cares about plan B! With that kind of passion, you will certainly end up somewhere interesting.

Where can we find you online?


Submitted May 2012. Updated September 2017.